Cops Take Turn Shooting A Dog And Laugh About It While Making Nasty Comments


Police brutality is a hot button topic in America right now and for very good reason. In this day and age of seemingly unlimited technology, the actions of rogue police officers are being caught on camera at an alarming rate. While there are many great police officers who protect and serve our communities each day, the actions of these bad apples will serve to spoil the whole lot if we are not careful.


Certain police officers can’t seem to contain their contempt when it comes to animals, either. Over the past 12 months, you may have heard about a town named Chester, Pennsylvania in the news. The town is notorious for having one of the nation’s worst police departments and things do not seem to be getting any better.

The Chester police department has already spent a sizable portion of the year in the news for all of the wrong reasons. The officers who work for Chester’s police department made the news, after officers were seen shooting two dogs in front of the local high school. According to those who are familiar with the incident, the officers’ reasons for doing so were questionable at best.

The dogs were shot during lunch time, which placed local residents, students and teachers all in harm’s way. They were all very fortunate not to get hit with a ricochet. But if you think this is bad, the same town in back in the news again, as officers shot a dog to death in its own yard.

Christie Fry took the time to rescue the pup, nurse him back to health and provide him with a great home. She showered the animal with love and affection and what did she get in return? A pet who was brutally murdered at the hands of some sadistic police officers.

Not only did they take turns pumping rounds into the dog, but they laughed as they did so, letting Christie know that her dog was no more.

Take a moment to look at this picture:


The police officers who are responsible for the death of this dog have claimed that the animal posed a major threat, but we are not as easily convinced. The animal is said to have been in their yard, on a leash, not hurting anyone. Please take time out to share this post, in hopes that this brutally slain dog may receive the justice he so richly deserves.

The police claim that the dog was being a threat, but he was in his yard, safely on a leash away from anyone that might pass by. Fry is trying to fight this incident, which has gone unpunished so far. Please SHARE this post so this dog gets justice.


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