Cops Shut Down Busy Highway To Save Scared, Lost Dog


The state police, and law enforcement in general sometimes get a bad rap and with so much negative stuff in the news today about law enforcement officers, it is important to make sure the positive things they do get just as much attention. This is one of those positively wonderful instances that needs to be given some attention. The extent the officers went to in preventing injury and potential tragedy are well deserved of some notice, as well as some heartfelt thanks.


Lexi is a beautiful German shepherd who became disoriented and found herself not only lost, but in a precarious situation. Lexi, in an attempt to find her way home, ended up on I-495 in Massachusetts perilously zigzagging in and out of the oncoming traffic. The Shepherd was afraid of the cars which added to her anxiousness which added to the danger.

Law enforcement was informed and the state police arrived on the scene to try to rescue Lexi and prevent an inevitable tragedy. Because Lexi was so scared and anxious it took three different departments working together to stop traffic on the busy highway.

After getting all the highway’s lanes closed to traffic, the officers had to find a way to calm Lexi and coax her off the highway and into one of the police cars. Check out the pictures.


Serendipitously one of the officers had a granola bar in his vehicle, which apparently is one of Lexi’s favorite things to eat. Once the officer used the granola bar as bait, Lexi let her hunger and her love of granola bars take over.

She proceeded to jump into the cruiser with such excitement, she managed to turn on the car’s siren as well as tip over the officer’s cup of coffee. Not to worry however, no one was injured and Lexi was returned to her owners happy and unharmed.

The pictures of the highway being shut down and Lexi wandering in the lanes were captured by the State Police’s cruisers dash-camera. The dedication and patience the officers showed in trying to ensure not only the safety of the German shepherd, but also motorists who were dodging the dog as she wandered on the highway, is awesome!


Lexi appears to have a smile on her face as her picture is captured by one of the officers while she was sitting in the car. This is definitely one of those heartwarming stories that deserves to be shared as much as possible. So what are you waiting for? Share now!

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