Cop Who Slit Innocent Dog’s Throat Walks Free


Imagine someone purposely killed your best friend.

That’s what happened to Sarah Gossard, an American woman who loved her dog, Nala that got killed by a police officer on purpose. Worst of all: the police officer got away with it as if it were nothing.

According to eyewitnesses, the police officer named Jeffrey Bolger approach Nala, a 7 year old Shar-Pei in Baltimore and simply slit her throat after restraining her. In the eyes of the law, nothing wrong happened.

Let’s look at the whole picture. According to the Baltimore Sun, Sarah’s dog Nala escaped from the backyard through an open gate and found a passerby that decided to try and help the dog find her home. The dog bit the passerby leaving a superficial wound. Nala’s action was probably justified, as she didn’t know the passerby, she was probably scared.


The police was called to the scene and officer Bolger and his fellow Thomas Schmidt responded to the call. When they got there, they used a dog-control pole to restrain Nala and, according to witnesses, after they did that they decided to slit her throat with the use of a knife.


After the whole incident, judge Melissa Phinn absolved Bolger for animal cruelty, misconduct and mutilating an animal. In her ruling, it was cited a chief medical examiner that said Nala had managed to strange herself on the dog pole – something the doctor who examined Nala had to disagree with, as he determined she died of blood loss from a cut artery.

Schhmidt’s lawyers say he followed the police protocol by restraining the dog, and got his charges dropped early this year.

The passerby that got bitten described what happened in an interview at a radio station, as she said that when police arrived the officers repeatedly twisted and tightened the grip on Nala’s neck as if they were torturing the animal, leaving her face down on the ground, helpless. According to passerby, the dog was crying in pain by then.


According to the reports by the chief medical examiner, David Fowler, the officers decided to slit Nala’s throat was they were simply “trying to put the dog out of her misery” as she was allegedly dead by then. According to witnesses, the dog was alive and a whimper was heard after her throat was slit.

Sarah Gossard isn’t giving upon her beloved best friend until justice is made for her companion Nala.


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