Cop Stops Everything To Keep Scared, Pregnant Dog Safe


Police officers have been finding themselves in the news for a host of negative reasons lately, but the cop in this story deserves a special commendation of sorts, for his heroic, selfless behavior. If you’re someone who questions whether there are good and decent police officers in the world, this is definitely the story for you.


The life of law enforcement is not as easy as people may think. Its not all running red lights and eating free donuts, there are a number of tasks that they are required to complete each day that can be flat out strange. Police work often involves numerous cases of increasing strangeness and unpredictability and these officers must make the right decisions to ensure the protection of the general public.

The best officers, like the one in this story, have the ability to do their jobs to the absolute greatest of their ability and triumph over any adversity that the streets throw their way. They deal with odd situations on a regular basis and they take their job of protecting their vulnerable with the utmost level of seriousness.

Officer Bryan Taylor was pressed into duty one day, when he saw a pregnant mother dog weaving wildly in and out of traffic. While some cops may have been content to simply sit back and let someone else deal with this issue, Taylor is no ordinary cop. He took time out of his day to lend assistance to the dog and make sure that she was able to cross the street safely.

He took notice of the fact that some concerned citizens were trying to coax the dog to come closer to them, so he brought himself down to the dog’s level, kneeling in the grass. This allowed the dog to perceive him as an ally. He kept her calm until her owner finally arrived, everyone was kept safe and the dog and owner were reunited with ease.

Just take a moment to check out this photo!


While this mother’s pups may not ever be able to learn the identity of the man who made sure that they were able to be born safely, their continued existence will serve as a living symbol of this officer’s unselfishness. If you are tired of the deluge of negative stories about our nation’s police officers, then be sure to pass this amazing tale along to your friends and loved ones.


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