Cop Rescues Donkey From Getting Hit By Traffic, Donkey Thanks Him In A Way He Didn’t Expect


Animals need a lot of attention in order to be safe. Once you lose them, then it is really hard for them to get back where they were. We have heard a lot of cases of animals getting lost, and it is nearly impossible for them to remember where they come from. As soon as they are spotted wandering up and down the streets alone without a guard, some actions need to take place otherwise their life will be in real danger. I guess this donkey got lost, and didn’t know what to do. A cop rescues the donkey from getting his, and this is how the donkey “thanks him” for saving its life.

Officer Kyle Canaan of the Norman, Oklahoma police department got a really strange call last week. He was asked to deal with a lost donkey that had wandered onto a busy road. The Officer had to find where the donkey was, and save him from the life threatening scene he got himself into. As you can imagine the donkey could be hit by a car in the traffic, and they didn’t want that to happen. As soon as Officer Kyle arrived on the scene, he was able to approach the donkey. He had to take the donkey inside his car, in order to save him and protect him from the traffic.

Officer Kyle Canaan, and the donkey cruising around the city! 

save the donkey

Once the Officer took the donkey where he was going to be held until his owners were found, he was able to see what happened into his car. This is what he said: “It used the bathroom in the back of my police car – number two,” Canaan told local news station KFOR. “I mean, I must have got it right after breakfast, because there was a lot.”

saved the donkey

I guess the poor animal got so scared of what happened, and he could not control himself. Or that could be considered as a Thank you for the officer who literally saved its life. The good news is that this donkey is safe and sound, and now he is waiting on his owners to show up!

saved the donkey1

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