Cop Does The Sweetest Thing For A Pit Bull Being Brutally Beaten By Owner


Harvard is a Pit Bull. While some have promulgated stories about this breed of dog being vicious the tales are not true. Vicious or not, no animal deserves to be beaten with a brick. Harvard is really a puppy and is still small in relation to the size Pit Bulls grow to.

Harvard’s former “owner” was seen beating the dog in the middle of the street with a brick. Someone called the police and the Cleveland Police Department dispatched Officer Brandon Melbar to the scene of the crime. Melbar not only rescued Harvard from a probable death but adopted the dog because he knew the animals have a reputation for being difficult to adopt for animal shelters.


This poor pit bull was severely beaten and abused by his former owner before being abandoned


Harvard took a severe beating. He suffered contusions to his head and body and had one of his front legs broken. Melbar paid for the medial bills that Harvard’s recovery required and took him home to live with the other dog’s that the policeman has rescued from abuse.


The dog jumped in the squad car immediately after the officer opened the door

The photo of the beaten dog in the policeman’s car just says it all. The animal instinctively knows that it is now in the company of a person that will treat it kindly and love it. The dog’s eyes just tell you that. There is no mention of what punishment the person that beat the dog received.

Taking care of sick, abused, and homeless animal appears to have become a tradition for several other policemen in Cleveland as Officer John Lyons and his family have proven by adopting a homeless female and her puppies.

Yes, these men are policemen. They are people that care about animals and love dogs as well. Being capable of caring is one of the prerequisites for being a police officer even though many people would not believe it until they read it in the training manuals.


Almost immediately the officer fell in love with this adorable dog


And a friendship was borne…

This short little photo study deserves to be shared with as many people as a person possibly can. There are two distinct messages in the set of photos that people need to hear more than they normally do.


The officer did what was necessary to pamper the dog back to health

The few photos and short report put a new and different aspect on the work that policemen do every day that they work. The vast majority of cops attempt to settle any problem with understanding and common sense. That message needs to be heard in the troubling times we live in.


This dogs story ended with a happy end…

You need to share this little photo group to remind people that abusing animals is just wrong. It is wrong morally and it is a crime. Animals can be disciplined in a number of ways that do not harm the animal and like all of us humans the animals do need some discipline once in a while.


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