Constant Abuse Had Swollen His Head to TWICE Its Normal Size. Then He Found Hope Against All Odds.


Pitbulls are some of the most abused animals that we share the planet with and unfortunately for animal shelters, seeing these animals in various states of distress is an occurrence that is all too common. But the abuse that was experienced by Petey the pitbull goes above and beyond what these shelters typically see and his previous owner’s actions are utterly reprehensible.


His head had swollen to twice its normal size as a result of the abuse that he had taken and by all accounts, this was probably due to the intense trauma that he had experienced in the past. Petey had stents placed in his neck and without the help of some good people, he probably would have died. But the Karma Rescue workers who were tasked with helping him refused to allow this to happen.

Alex noticed Petey’s photo on Facebook and decided to bring him to the animal hospital. She surmised that the swelling of Petey’s head was brought on by being repeatedly struck with a blunt object. The object that was used to hit him was probably heavy and sharp, but there is also a chance that his head became swollen due to brain cancer and that his previous owner did not want to pay the associated medical bills.

Luckily, the pitbull’s medical examinations all checked out. While his physical wounds seemed to be progressing in a timely manner, his mental wounds would obviously take a much longer time to heal. His next owner, Robyn, came across Petey as she was browsing Facebook and came to the immediate conclusion that he would be the perfect dog for her to adopt.

Petey’s new mother provided him with the safe forever home that he had always desired and offered him the love and affection that he so richly deserved. Seeing this dog get a second chance at life is truly amazing and this story is one of the most heartwarming things that we have ever had the privilege of witnessing.

Petey now lives a completely different life. Instead of cowering in the face of constant abuse, he is able to play, roll around in the grass and receive lots of hugs and kisses. Ten weeks ago, it seemed as if Petey’s death were all but assured. But thanks to Robyn and the dedicated workers at Karma Rescue, Petey got a second chance and a whole new lease on life.

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