Circus Elephant Collapses With Joy To Learn That She Is Finally Free


The two elephants in this story had spent their entire lives in captivity, forced to toil at a circus. After living a sad and lonely existence, the elephants were set free, at long last. They were then transported to their new home, a sanctuary that allows them to spend the rest of their days roaming free.

The elephants’ names are Mia and Sita. They were placed in a caravan and driven over 1,000 miles away from the circus that they once called home. The trip took several days and nights and the caravan was forced to travel through heavy rains. Their new home? Mathura, India.


The sanctuary where Mia and Sita now live is known as the Elephant Conservation and Care Center and is run by the Wildlife SOS. When they arrived at the place where their chains were finally removed, their reactions said it all.


Since both of the elephants suffer from health issues that stem from their unjust imprisonment, long stretches of time passed without them being able to sleep laying down. Mia and Sita would go years without ever having a proper rest, which only served to exacerbate their health problems.


Sita especially enjoys having the ability to enter a cool pool of water and take a much needed load off. For Mia’s part, she was simply happy to have a chance to sit down and rest. When she was finally freed from her shackles, she collapsed with pure joy.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the cofounder of Wildlife SOS, states that Mia and Sita are much happier in the care of the sanctuary. The elephants are smart enough to know that their life is about to change for the better and that their days of circus slave labor are behind them for good.

No animal should be forced to perform against their will, but this exactly what Mia and Sita have experienced. Their joints are tired and weary and the sanctuary provides them with the chance to rest and relax for the first time.


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