Circus Elephants Rush To Help Friend Who Fell During Cruel Stunt


While a trip to the circus can be a great time that is enjoyable for the whole family, there is a seamy underbelly to this world that must be addressed. Kids can have a ball at the circus, but they are typically unaware of what takes place behind the scenes, which is why it is important to spread awareness about the cruel and unusual punishments that take place under the big top.


This latest piece of news regarding the treatment of circus animals will definitely force parents to rethink where they are choosing to spend their entertainment dollars. Even though we are now living in a world where people are well aware of the psychological toll that circus life takes on the animals who are forced to perform, there are still many companies who press elephants into service against their will, removing them from their natural habitats in order to do so.

These animals are put at serious risk by the runners of these circuses and this story is a prime example of what can happen to these poor, innocent creatures. These clips were filmed at a circus in Belarus, where the elephants were in the process of executing a very difficult trick.

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One of the elephants stumbled and fell six feet, landing on its side. The animal struggled to bring themselves back onto their feet and when the injured elephant could not lift itself up, two of its buddies ran to their side. It seems as if the elephants were far more concerned about their fallen comrade than the owners of the circus.

Reports stated that the elephant had sustained an injury, but was expected to recover in due time. While this is good news to some, we believe that the elephant should not have been placed in a position to become injured in the first place. Watch these two clips for yourself, so that you can take a closer look at the tricks that these animals are forced to perform.

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These clips prove just how much these animals care for one another and showcase the difficult conditions that they are forced to perform in. It is high time that we took a closer look at how they are asked to live and dangerous performances like these should be banned at all circuses. To spread awareness about these conditions, please share this story, so that we can put a stop to this!


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