Christmas Wishes Come True: Dying Dog Makes A Comeback!


Penelope has seen better days. If you look at the ‘before’ pictures, you cannot even identify the breed she is. She has spent a long time roaming the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. She hung out near a school for some time, but the kids were afraid of how she looked. At some point, a woman picked up the dog and brought her to a shelter. The dog was weak and could barely manage to lift her head up when the woman arrived. This was the first time that Penelope was able to get a warm place to sleep and a clean environment in a long time. The dog was thankful to have a clean supply of water, food, and people who were going to be looking after her. The video says it all. It’s a story of this dying dog’s comeback. The photos of the dog are enough to make you cry, but then there’s that sad music in the background. Have a couple tissues nearby because it’s likely that the waterworks will start to flow any second.

It all began on October 1, 2013. The dog was picked up and brought to a shelter and that’s when it all started to get better. The dog was shaved and then examined from head to toe. There were a lot of infections going on. How the dog managed to stay alive out on the streets was amazing. After a little while of being given some TLC, the dog started to gain weight and fur began to grow back.
This dog was basically left for dead out on the streets of LA. As the holidays approached, the dog was rescued. By October 25, the dog was already starting to look like a “normal” dog again. Her breed was becoming visible and she was happy to be alive. She had the strength to play and run around with other dogs.
This was a Christmas miracle. Penelope, a German Shepherd mix, was being offered for adoption. How the dog stayed alive was miracle enough. How the shelter managed to nurse her back to health has been truly amazing.

Now that she looks her very best, she can easily be adopted. We’re hoping for a true miracle as once she gets into a loving home, she will have made a complete comeback. She looks like a normal, loving dog and it’s going to be a great joy for this dog to get into the arms of a loving family who will continue to love her – and never allow her to wander the streets of Los Angeles on her own.

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