Child: Saved By A Total Stranger. I’m SPEECHLESS


No one really notices the people around them as they wait for their turn at the cash register. We’re pretty much solitary units in a big world rushing to get here and there, or are we? How often do we see people stop what they’re doing to come together and to work to save a human life?
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The video starts with what looks like a normal day, anywhere, in any nation. But as you watch, the scene takes a disturbing change. A woman rushes in carrying a child in her arms, and she’s terrified. She’s totally distraught. She hands the baby to a female customer standing near the cash register and then rushes toward the back of the store.

The young woman holding the child and the man standing near her seem to be trying to figure out why the child isn’t responding. People gather near her and everyone is intently trying to help, but there’s something terribly wrong. Although some of the customers, possibly not knowing what to do back away while others gather near her.

A young man comes rushing toward the register. He’s wide-eyed and scared as he sees the child hanging limply in the woman’s arms. He presses his hands against his head in despair. The child, who’s unresponsive, is his child. She doesn’t seem to be responding to anything, and he feels helpless not knowing what to do. He and the other gentleman lift the child around and nothing is working…nothing is working.

Just moments before, all these people now helping his child were in a hurry to get somewhere. That’s all been forgotten while they join forces to get the little one to breathe again. Groceries are scooped aside to lay the child on the counter.

A young woman hovers near the cashier’s counter and the other man begins administering CPR. Slowly and steadily he’s managing short-measured breaths into the little ones mouth. The father paces the floor still fearing the worst for his child.

It feels like an eternity for you the viewer and you can only imagine what the young father must be feeling. Finally the child starts to breathe. The woman near the counter caresses her head, and another stranger takes the young man around the shoulders to calm him, and show him that his little one is alive. The father grabs the stranger who saved his child’s life and gives him a great hug.

The little one is still lying on the counter, but she’s alive. For a few short minutes in time strangers in a grocery store stopped rushing through their day to save the life a child in distress. A father watched the miracle of kindness and knew that his little one was alive because so many people cared.

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