Maine Coon Cat Won’t Leave This Little Girl For One Adorable Reason!


They are always together from morning till night and whenever Josilyn falls asleep, Eddie would be there watching. The first picture is that of Josilyn and Eddie at the door looking outside together. They were both standing and holding hands. What an adorable moment.

What struck me most about these wonderful pictures is how Josilyn will feel about the pictures when she gets to see them years from now. Wonderful, isn’t it? She will see the picture of herself and Eddie, her first best friend. She will definitely show her friends at school and they will go green with envy.


The next picture is that of Josilyn crawling and of course, Eddie was right in front of her, watching over her. Another adorable moment, isn’t it? Eddie even helps Josilyn crawl faster by letting her chase him around, trying to grab on to his little tail. They are simply best of buddies.

If they continue this way, how strong do you think the bond between them will be when Josilyn grows up? They are virtually everywhere together now. The next picture will blow your mind. In the picture, you will see both Eddie and Josilyn lying down near each other. But the most adorable part is that Josilyn was leaning on Eddie! Very adorable, isn’t it?


I wonder how many times they would have been in this position. The final picture was taken when Josilyn is already one year old. In the picture, you will see both of them lying down beside each other, looking contented with each other’s company. This is a big sign that the bond between them is becoming stronger.


Remember that the few pictures are the moments that were captured on camera. What about several other moments that were not captured on camera? Josilyn and Eddie are already inseparable and they both want things to remain like that.


I wonder how Eddie will cope when Josilyn starts school. Am sure they will both find a way around it. Please see the adorable pictures and share them too.

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