Cat With Only Half A Head Just Wants Someone To Love Her


Many of us are guilty of paying little or no attention to stray animals when we meet them, it gets worse when it is one that’s being physically challenged, whether it is running short of a limb, missing an eye or loosing half of its head, we make them scram away from our properties, kick them further away from us, or just turn to look the other way, while we do this we casually hope that someone else apart from us, may find them for their own good.


But what do we think happens when nobody gets to finds some of these adorable animals, do they just go out there to die, continue straying or just disappear into thin air? Some of us may wonder, but the answer is No” they don’t go out there to die or vanish in thin air, people love them, people pick them up, care for them and love them.

While some people manage to find and keep stray animals, many visit animal centers to make their choices of animals they can love, even the ones that are physically challenged, not minding if it was missing a tail, or half of his body.

Being physically challenged does not strip people off their ability to love an adorable harmless animal, sometimes these challenges are what makes them special and endears them to us, because we have seen that they need us to Care for them.

One of the most common species of animals that are strays is Cats, and yet they are so cute loveable, and dainty.


If these weren’t so, Holly wouldn’t be here with us today.

Holly is a cat that is missing most part of one of her little ears, but this was as result of a surgery she had when she was brought to an animal center in England.

There she was covered in scabs and mats and with an ear infection. The medical examiner had to check to discover she had a big lump in her ear, which needed to be removed.

Holly is now, up and about, ready to play and snuggle, she looks a little different from all the other cats but thankfully she’s alive and well and is free from cancer. Good thing she’s not a cat with special needs or anything else, she is just a cat without an ear, looking for love.


All she needs is a new home where she can play In a little basket, sip milk from her little bowl and snuggle on her owners lap every evening. Do you want Holly to find a new home and owner sooner?, share this away.

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