The Cat Sees A Friend Outside. What He Does Next? Unbelievable!


Cats can be so clever and sneaky, getting into and out of things you never thought possible. Think your cabinets and drawers are safe from kitty? Think again! There isn’t many things they can’t get into and out of if they want to bad enough, take this little kitty for example.

It’s an ordinary day just like any other, you have 2 ordinary kitties sitting by the sliding glass door staring outside just like any other ordinary day. You’re kicked back in your recliner watching the game with some friends or perhaps busy in the kitchen fixing dinner. Maybe the kids are having fun playing video games, or sitting at the table doing their homework. Whatever you’re doing, the last thought on your mind is whether or not you locked the door.
It’s a big, heavy door, why would anyone worry about locking it? There is no way a cute little kitty would have the strength or intelligence to open a door, or is there? No, it’s impossible! There’s no way in the world a cat is going to open a door by itself, especially a heavy sliding glass door. No worries!

Just then another kitty walks by, catching the attention of your precious kitties. Perhaps they had set up a play date without asking your permission first. Either way kitty is sitting there thinking about the situation, then she looks up and thinks to herself, “The humans use that big thing that sticks out in the middle of the door to open it, perhaps if she tries hard enough it will open for her.”

At that moment you look over just in time to see kitty staring at the door, you know what she’s thinking but don’t think it’s possible. Just then she jumps up, grabbing the door handle, she uses all of her strength to push the door open. She gets it open just enough to fit her head through, then pushes it some more with her body and out she goes to catch up with her visitor.

Cat Figures Out Door

This kitty is determined to be an outdoor cat.

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Taking advantage of the situation your other cat follows her right out the door, and you’re left there with your jaw dropped scratching your head. Thinking to yourself, “Maybe you should start making sure the door is locked from now on, now that they know how to get out.” You now have a new found respect and knowledge of just how smart and sneaky your cat can be. Not to mention, now you have to figure out how to get them back in the house.

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