The Cat’s NOT Happy With This Strange Visitor. Watch As The Camera Pans Right…


OMG you have to check out this video. Ever wonder what happens when a cat and a bobcat come face to face? Even though a glass door separates them you can feel the tension. And that noise the cat makes, wow, I didn’t know cats could make that noise. While this cat is freaking out safely locked behind the security of the back door the stoic bobcat stalks up for a better look. Notice how comfortable the bobcat is. It has to be able to hear the screams of terror from the cat I guess that’s what confidence will do for you. You know the kind of confidence I’m talking about. The kind that comes only when you know you are so near the top of the local food chain that you have no reason to fear anything.

It doesn’t take a cat expert to surmise that kitty just lost about three of its nine lives, scared to death is an understatement. When this big bad bobcat comes stalking up this cat’s world is turned upside down. The tranquil life of lounging in pristine comfort 24/7 is about to end. The blood curdling cat scream is enough to tell you how dire the situation is for this unlucky cat. All the while the bobcat just seems to be hanging out, you know taking it all in not a care in the world.

When that bobcat finally makes its way over to the side of the door directly across from the cat it’s amazing to see the reaction. It reminds me of a snake coiled up spring like ready to pounce as a last resort. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a fight or flight position.

It would be easy to assume that the bobcat’s size would give it overwhelming advantage. But you never know with a cornered animal, they are not to be underestimated. Ears back and ready to roll the cat may be smaller but it sure looks fiercer.

We already have a pretty good glimpse as to what the cat can bring to the table but the bobcat remains silent enigma. There’s no telling what we might see out of it. There’s as much of a chance that it runs as there is that is tears that cat apart. Who even knows if it’s looking for a fight?

The only thing left to do is get it on…..

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