Cat Finds An Orphaned Baby Rabbit. Even Mom’s Shocked By What She Does With It


Videos like these remind us humans that animals might have life more figured out than we do. The things that we worry about just don’t seem to affect them and they do not let artificial barriers keep them from developing lasting connections with one another.

They do not need to speak the same language, they do not even need to be the same species. They bond with one another, no matter what the circumstances may be and do not lose their ability to put their differences aside and have fun as they get older like humans are known to.

Animals speak a universal language of love and the cat and rabbit in this video are no different. The cat in this story is named Snuggle Puss and Snuggle Puss definitely knows how to live up to her name. She is loving, compassionate and provided much needed mothering for a little rabbit who was in desperate need.

She was able to overlook their differences, embracing Bubble the rabbit as her own. Poor Bubbles had a rough start to her life, as her mother passed away when she was all of a week old. This type of thing happens more in the animal kingdom than we’d like to admit, leaving thousands of animals orphaned, seeking companionship wherever they can find it.

It is safe to say that Snuggle Puss came along at a moment when Bubbles needed her most. Snuggle Puss already had her own litter of kittens to take care of, but she did not let this stop her from accepting Bubbles into her heart. This is a lesson that we could all stand to learn, since we are good at finding excuses not to care about others.

The bunny has been adopted by Snuggle Puss and no longer has to wonder where her next loving cuddle is coming from. This cat knows how to provide love to all those who are in need and she does not care about your gender, species or color. This video serves as an amazing reminder that we have a long way to go before we catch up to our animal counterparts as far as acceptance is concerned.

Just take a look at this touching video!

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We are happy to see that Bubbles has finally found someone to love her. This clip is proof that we don’t choose our family, our family chooses us. Please pass this heartwarming post along.

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