If Your Cat Ever Does This, Stop Everything And Go To The Vet Immediately.


Nothing is more important to a pet owner than the welfare of their animals. This is particularly true in the case of those who love cats. Unlike dogs, felines don’t often vocalize when they are experiencing illness or pain. If you accidentally step on a dog’s tail it will bark. A cat might hiss but normally scampers away without communication.


Being a living creature, even cats are exposed to the dreadful disease of cancer. Since they can’t communicate vocally, there are telltale indicators that your friendly feline is in desperate need of a doctor visit at the vet.

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Though most cats are active and sleek, drastic weight loss is a clear indication of illness. Human bodies respond in the same way. Cancer will deteriorate a body both internally and externally. If your cat appears to be shedding pounds faster than they’re shedding hair, it’s time to get a checkup.


Unusual lumps and bumps are another indicator of disease. Most cat owners won’t have trouble spotting these oddities being that they regularly pet their cats as a display of affection. An owner will instinctively recognize any abnormal growth that wasn’t there before.


Almost every cat has practiced the unique action of laying by an owner’s face when they’re asleep. If your cat’s breath is particularly foul, it’s definitely time to have a medical professional examine them. Cancer will often give their breath an acrid aroma and shouldn’t be mistaken as a simple case of bad breath.

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Next, if your cat exhibits unusual resting positions such as lameness, it’s highly probable that a tumor has formed inside the bone. This makes it extremely painful for a cat to perform the necessity of every day walking. Their movements will be slow and with trepidation.


What cat doesn’t love a can of wet food? Ordinarily, they will bolt toward their bowl at the very sound of a can being opened. Cats stricken with illnesses including cancer often lose their appetite. In the animal kingdom a loss of appetite is an almost certainty that the animal is severely sick.


Lastly, if your tiny feline friend begins inflating like a balloon it’s a clear indication that they are ill. Abnormal swelling will create a frightening image and it’s the pet’s way of saying that it’s time to see the veterinarian.


All pet lovers care about their ‘children’. Their health is of the utmost importance. Please look at these pictures and share them with anybody who might be unaware.



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