What This Cat Does As Someone Approaches Is Indescribably Hilarious!


Animals do amazing things, but there’s nothing more amazing than a cat that can signal touchdowns or get ready to take off into space. That is what the cat in this video is doing. There are several pictures that capture the performance of this reactive feline.


The living room has all the comforts in the home, and this cat wants to be part of it. The television may be on, and the latest magazine might be sprawled open on the coffee table, but neither will get the attention of the people in the room when this cat is around. It won’t matter what show is airing; it might be your favorite TV show or the best part of a movie you can watch over and over again. When this cat starts to raise its arms in the air and remain absolutely still in that position, your attention will be focused on the cat.

It’s a black cat with white paws and white chest fur. It’s got a mean mug and steady eyes. The white whiskers make the look even more alarming. This cat means business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the living room or outdoors on the patio. This cat will follow you around and raise its arms in the air. It might be trying to surrender. It’s unclear if this cat did anything before these videos and pictures were taken. It might also look to some like this cat is praying to the heavens, especially when it is outdoors. Or maybe, it just wants a hug.


There’s a theory that explains why this cat is raising its arms. It is mimicking behaviors it is exposed to. That may be TV or it might be a signal from satellites. In fact, the muscle and nerve connections that cause the arms to rise into the air might be programmable. The code/signal for it is broadcasted throughout the countryside, and it happened to be caught by this cat’s body. An whenever the cat is around an environment that matches a similar scenario within the code/signal, the cat will automatically raise its arms.


Whatever the explanation is, this is certainly a strange occurrence. Lots of strange animal behaviors are being observed throughout the world. People are also acting strange. There are periods of time when animal behavior and human behavior start to intermingle. It’s a fascinating phenomenon and one that deserves further investigation.

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