A Burglar Climbed Into The Backyard. But The Hidden Camera Caught Something Hilarious!


Many people own dogs as additional security systems. One homeowner decided to install a hidden camera in their backyard as a form of security as well. What they probably didn’t anticipate is actually catching a burglar in their backyard.

Security dogs are generally the larger breeds. They act as deterrents and burglars wouldn’t even think twice about stepping on someone’s property with the big dogs. It’s the ones where owners would post a ‘Beware of Dog’ on their fence.
In this short video that only lasts about 40 seconds. You see a man in a purple hoodie hop over the fence. He walks from one end of the backyard to the other. All of a sudden, it’s like you can see the terror in his eyes as he goes darting across the yard. You would expect to see a huge dog come racing out behind him, but it’s not – and this is what makes the video so hysterical.

This teeny tiny dog comes racing out and across the backyard. The man jumps over the fence as a way of getting away from the dog. What is so amusing about this whole thing is that the dog is probably yapping the entire time, but probably isn’t more than 10 pounds in weight.

It isn’t clear what kind of dog this is, but it is very tiny – certainly not the kind of dog you would expect to be able to chase off burglars. Most burglars would probably look at a dog this size and laugh. Something about him may be burglar terrified though, and the homeowners are likely happy that they have this dog. It makes you wonder if the man would have been just as terrified if it was a larger dog, such as a Rottweiler.

Do you think the owners ever thought about using a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign with this little dog? Probably not, but they are probably thinking about getting a sign and putting it up now that they have seen the surveillance.
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