Bullied Because He Was Different, I Burst Into Tears What The Boy Behind Him Did.


For as far back as any of us can remember, bullying has been a major problem in our schools. Children who are special and different from everyone else tend to receive the brunt of the abuse. Kids can certainly be cruel and the mob mentality tends to take over in these situations, as children who don’t even consider themselves to be bullies often join in during the taunting, out of feat that it will be them next. At Franklin Elementary School, there is one thoughtful group of fifth grade boys who have decided that enough is enough and have banded together to stem the tide of bullying at their institution of learning. What these children have done will certainly melt even the coldest hearts around the world.
The boys in this clip came to an extremely startling discovery: one of their classmates was experiencing a great deal of trauma and sadness, due to bullying he was receiving. The cause of the bullying? The young man is a special needs child. While many bullies often mistake special needs children as being stupid and unable to grasp the complexity of their teasing, these children can often be the most sensitive of all.

Upon learning of this young man’s plight, these fifth grade boys did not do what many of their peers would do in the same scenario. Many kids would either team up with the bullies and or keep their mouths closed, for fear of becoming ostracized from the group, as well.

Franklin Elementary School prides itself on its anti bullying programs and the teacher of these young men believes that the lessons have truly struck a chord with this particular group of boys. However, the way these boys responded to the lessons came as a shock, even to this teacher.

The mother of the bullied child was brought to tears when she saw what the other boys had done to make sure that her son no longer felt excluded. After adopting him as a Colombian baby, he experienced the tragic loss of his father at the age of six, due to a motorcycle accident. The boy became withdrawn and never wanted to go outside with the other boys at recess to play.

This group of fifth grade boys came up with the idea of purchasing a PlayStation, fully stocked with sports game, so that the little boy would be able to enjoy the same camaraderie as his peers have been able to. Now, the boys come over to play with him all of the time and they have come to appreciate their unique, special friend. These boys are a shining example of the importance of putting the needs of others first and should be commended for changing this family’s life.

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