BREAKING NEWS: Three Types of Pet Food Recalled


Wisconsin’s Fromm Family Pet Food recently announced that they will be voluntarily recall three different varieties of their canned dog food. The reason for this announcement? The food was found to contain far too much Vitamin D.

The tainted food was distributed from December 2015 through February 2016. If you’d like to find out more about their state by state list of retail partners, take a moment to visit the Fromm family website and click on the “pet stores” option.

The three brands that are being removed from store shelves are: chicken pate (UPC number: 72705 11892), chicken and duck pate (UPC number: 72705 11894) and salmon and chicken pate (UPC number: 72705 11890).

The Vitamin D discovery was made by the Framm family. The recall is being performed in full conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration. The recall was done as a precaution and no health issues have been reported so far. However, the primary symptom is a loss of appetite, so pet owners should remain on the lookout.

When Vitamin D poisoning takes place, a pet’s long term health is placed in jeopardy. The younger the dog, the higher the risk factor and the threat of death becomes more pronounced.

In addition to the aforementioned loss of appetite, pet owners must also pay close attention to any vomiting (as well as vomit containing blood), weakness, increased urination and thirst, bloody stool, weight loss, seizures, tremors, depression, pain in the abdominal region and excess drool.

If you are a pet owner and you have already purchased cans of Fromm that are in the process of being recalled, you are urged to contact the company as soon as possible. Dial 800-325-6331, so that you can find out more about refunds and replacements.

Those who have already opened the cans of food must throw them away as soon as possible and it is also important for the food to be disposed of in a manner where the pet can’t find it.

Lot #: 11893

NAME: Fromm Family Chicken Pate SIZE: 12 oz. LOT #: 11893 UPC: 72705 11892


NAME: Fromm Family Chicken & Duck Pate SIZE: 12 oz. LOT #: 11895 UPC: 72705 11894


NAME: Fromm Family Salmon & Chicken Pate SIZE: 12 oz. LOT #: 11891 UPC: 72705 11890

Stories like these take on added importance, especially as far as the safety of our furry children is concerned. Please share this story with all of your close friends and family members who may have purchased the Fromm food, so that they can also dispose of it in a timely manner. The word needs to be spread, so that our most precious companions can be kept safe. After all, we can’t expect them to do it for themselves, can we?


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