Bread And Egg Mixed In A Coffee Mug? Most Incredible Quiche Ever!


The reason most people eat processed foods is because the really good foods take too long to make. It can be a time consuming task to create a quiche from scratch, but what this woman does is amazing. This video shows you how you can make a delicious quiche in minutes using ingredients you probably have around your house. You mix it all up in a coffee mug and then put it in the microwave. Making fresh and tasty food has never been so easy.

Watch the video now to learn of this quick and simple recipe. You won’t be able to wait to try it for yourself!

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Here’s what you’re going to need:

– Coffee mug

– Bits of bread

– Milk

– 1 egg

– Pinch of salt and pepper

– Melted butter

You can get creative and add in some other ingredients as well. This can include cheese, diced onions, chopped tomatoes, spinach leaves, and any other veggies that you may want in your quiche. You can even add some bacon, diced ham, or other meat, too.

What’s really incredible about this video is that it’s all done inside of a coffee mug. The British woman says that it makes a really great afternoon snack, but depending on the ingredients you use, it can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, too. Making a meal in a mug is so cool!

It all starts with melted butter and the best part is that you can put a slab of butter in there, microwave it, and then proceed with the rest of the recipe. You can then add the whisked egg, a little bit of milk, and the salt and pepper. All of this gets mixed together and that’s when you have the chance to add in all of the other ingredients you want to add to make it unique. Then the bits of bread are added to help soak up the mixture. You can push them down with your finger so that it’s all covered with the egg.

You can then microwave it for three to three and a half minutes. When you hear the ding, your food is ready. You can use a knife to go around the edges and then dump it onto a plate. It will come out looking round and professionally made. It’s something you can make in minutes and impress some of your friends.

If no one has seen the video yet, you could even keep it as your little secret when you’re having a dinner party or just want to impress someone you have over.

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Making yummy food can be a lot of work and very time consuming but it doesn’t have to be! This wonderful video teaches you how to make a quiche in just a couple

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