Brave Men Dance Wearing ONLY Towels – Watch What Happens When The Towel Comes Off!


Two Frenchmen that are part dancers, part striptease artists, and part contortionists put on a hilarious and somewhat daring show in a nightclub. The master of ceremonies speaks both Russian and French so you cannot tell where the club is. The club has a techno look. Two young men come on stage with just a normal sized bathroom towel preventing the audience from seeing their bits. The two men go through a host of moves that are designed to keep their bits hidden from the audience but just barely hidden to the accompaniment of decidedly Russian music.

The performance is astounding. The pair of men is expert in dancing together and apart while keeping their towels strategically placed. The audience loves the show. A few views of both men and women show astonished and very amused people.

The men move left and right, up and down, and turn around several times but always manage to keep the towels in the right place. The men’s antics with the towels are as impressive as their dance moves. They even go as far as hanging one leg over the towel while dancing on the other foot and keeping everything hidden.

One of the funnier bits in the performance is when the two men wrap their towels around the other man’s behind. The pair simultaneously look down and scream in fright at what nobody else can see. The audience goes nuts over this.

In the last bit of the show, one of the men steals the other man’s large towel. You never see anything. The man with no towel inches over to a wash cloth that was placed on the stage before the show on his toes and finger tips. The man with the wash cloth joins the other man and forcibly shares the second man’s large towel. The victim of the towel theft rubs the wash cloth in his oppressor’s face. The audience hoots with laughter.

While a bit risqué, the little dance number could never be seen as pornographic even in the United States. To the Europeans this is just some good “clean” fun.

The two dancers are artistically adroit and physically superior. Who knows how many hours these two men have spent practicing the towel dance so that nothing inappropriate shows. This is really a stunning display of talent and a sense of humor that tends toward the ridiculous.

The dance routine is just plain funny. The overstatement or understatement of any sexual nature to the performance is totally surmounted by just how good the two men are at what they are doing. If you did not see this video then you would never believe this to be possible. No fan dancer could ever compete or even come close to showing nothing but tickling the audience’s libido the way these two Frenchmen do.

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