Brave Man Does Something Dangerous Just To Save A Dog’s Life


Getting to and from work can mean the same boring journey for some, but when Bill Kramer made his usual journey to work on Interstate 94 he had a surprise that made the day rather more interesting than usual. He watched someone throw a garbage bag out of a car window. However, it did not contain rubbish. As the bag hit the ground it tore open to reveal a Pit Bull Terrier inside. It had been heartlessly thrown out of the window to die. Brave Bill was about to save a dog!


Terrified by the traffic and clearly injured by the fall, the poor dog sat as if frozen in the middle of the road, right in the middle of all the rush hour traffic. Luckily for the dog, Bill loves animals and was not about to abandon him. Bill’s quick thinking was to save the day.

It was a matter of finding a way to protect the frightened animal from the traffic and rescuing her. No easy task with all the traffic about, but Bill had an idea. He stopped his truck at the side of the road and reversed the trailer attached to the truck into the right lane of traffic so that it protected the dog. The traffic was forced to drive around the trailer giving Bill the safety he needed to rescue the unfortunate canine.

Crawling on his hands and knees Bill inched his way towards the Pit Bull, scooped it up in his arms and got it to safety. Of course the dog had not survived unscathed. There were injuries that needed tending to.

The poor dog was bleeding and had a broken leg, but dog lovers everywhere will be pleased to know that she is now making an excellent recovery thanks to Bill’s brave action and the kindness of those who donated towards vet’s bills.

Take a look at this lovely picture.


Who could be so heartless and abandon such a lovely dog? Who could ignore those appealing eyes? The cruelty of some people has to be seen to be believed and one can only hope the perpetrators of this horrible deed are found and prosecuted for their actions. Not only did they put the dog, but also other drivers in harms way. We can just be thankful that someone like Bill who cared enough to do something came along and had the presence of mind to do something and we wish this lovely pit bull a long and happy life with someone who really cares.

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