Brave Dog Mother Risks Her Life To Save Her Puppies From The Flood


This mother was forced into a difficult situation and the odds were definitely stacked against her and her babies. But she did not turn tail and leave her children to fend for themselves, she made her way into the fray and thought nothing of risking her own life to protect her own.

India is the setting for this amazing story. Floods had caused the water levels to rise during the monsoon season and this mother’s babies were placed in harm’s way as a result. While everyone else was evacuating the area and heading to higher ground, numerous animals were left behind to perish in the raging waters.

As the flood waters continued to approach and endanger the life of her puppies, the mother dog sprung into action. This brave mama took a major risk, by swimming across dirty, contaminated flood waters to keep her brood safe from harm.

Would you believe that she took the time and effort to scoop up each of her puppies one by one and carry them across the flood waters to safety? We can’t even imagine the level of duress that she must have been under at the time.

Mother repeated the same trip four times and made sure that each and every one of her puppies remained safe. A man even witnessed this feat first hand and when he tried to help her save her babies, she showed a great deal of concern for him once he reached waters that were knee deep. Her maternal instincts are adorable and worthy of praise. Human or canine, it does not matter to her, she simply wants everyone to remain safe.

Take a gander at this amazing footage:

Not wanting the human to endure difficulties, the pooch showed the man the safest place to cross. Talk about a concerned canine. Share away, people!

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