Boy Comforts His Old Dog. But When This Happens At :49, I Lost It!


We have to give it up to IAMS for being able to create a commercial that really knows how to portray the emotional bond between a kid and their puppy. From early on, they do everything together and learn how to support each other. The latest IAMS commercial tugs at the heart strings, so get ready.

The video is just over a minute long, and you’re going to love watching all of the moments that the dog and the boy share together, from going swimming to sitting on the bench for Little League Practice. The dog’s name was supposed to be Duke, but the little boy pronounced it “Duck” and it stuck. I don’t know about you, but I had tears in my eyes about how that story was told.

This is the story that everyone wants to have when they get their kid a dog. They show how the dog is always at the boy’s side and knows just how to comfort the dog all the time. The bond between the two of them is incredible – and now I want to run out and get a dog for my kid so she can have similar adventures.

IAMS really did a good thing when they created this commercial. It all starts with a black lab puppy and a young boy, and you can see that it is instantly love. As the boy and the dog get older, you can see how much they have been through, and how much they still count on each other. When they say dogs are a man’s best friend, they aren’t kidding around – and this video is proof of such a bond.

You may find that you tear up when watching the video – and you may want to watch it again and again just because the bond between the boy and dog is so strong and so adorable. They are at each other side for that and then.

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This is the kind of video that you just watch and move on from. This is the kind of video that you want to share with friends so that you can give them the emotional tug at the heart strings as well. Share away, and see what the reactions are from your friends and family.

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