He Was Born Different And Grew Up Fearing Humans. Now He’s LOVED Around the World.


Quasimodo is a beloved German Shepherd who has a rare medical disorder known as short spine syndrome. As his mom explains, he is a German Shepherd, simply shorter. He is believed to be one of only 15 dogs with this syndrome.

He was originally found as a stray dog in Kentucky. He was extremely scared of humans, and naturally shy. Rachel was a loving human who found him – and now he gets to spend most of his days playing in the snow, playing with friends, and even chasing female dogs – he is known to be quite the ladies’ man. Rachel jokes that he thinks his name is Casanova.

Secondhand Hounds is a nonprofit organization that Rachel founded, and Quasimodo is able to get the care and attention he needs from this nonprofit. Thousands of animals are saved every year as a result of this organization.

Rachel was surprised by just how much Quasimodo was able to get attention on Facebook. She created a page called “Quasi the Great.” He runs and acts the same as a lot of other dogs – though he does have to do some things a little differently, such as eating without bending over.

The vertebrae in Quasimodo’s back are compressed, and some are missing. Right now, he’s getting all of the care that he needs. However, it is unclear as to what kinds of needs he will have in the future. This is why they are happy to have found him so that he continues to grow up in a loving environment.

He has certainly gotten a lot of attention around the world and is loved by absolutely everyone who meets him. At first glance, you would see Quasi as a standard German Shepherd. It isn’t until he stands up that you realize that he is considerably shorter than the average Shepherd.

He needs a lot of extra love, and he’s getting that, from not only Rachel, but also SecondHand Hounds. This is a great story about how a rescue can make a positive impact on a dog – especially one that has special needs.
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Go ahead and watch the video to find out more about Quasimodo and what is going on with him. You are then going to want to share the video with your friends so that they know the story – and to brighten their day as well. After all this, you may even decide to be a rescue parent.

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