Boots A Chow / Shepherd Mix Helps Stray Kittens Feel Loved and Cared For!


Many cats and dogs get on well together. There is no doubt about that. They enjoy sleeping and together and simply being with each other on a daily basis. However, a dog like Boots is definitely a little unique. This lovely mix between a Chow and a Shepherd was rescued during the Katrina disaster. Since then, Boots has been doing some amazing things in making stray little kittens feel at home.

After Boots was adopted, one could not help notice that there was something special about this dog. After his foster parent saw how he was able to comfort such fragile kittens, Boots was then named the kitten nanny of the Arizona Humane Society. This dog has made a huge impact in so many ways.


The shelter in Arizona sees a lot of kittens come in. They are obviously in need of a lot of attention, frightened and isolated. Boots gives them love and makes them feel as they belong. This is such a heartwarming sight and folks who see the connection between the animals instantly want to adopt a little kitten, knowing they can give the same amount of love as Boots. He is such a great example to everyone.


This is just what these kittens need in their lives. Often they are tiny when they come into the shelter and coming into the arms of humans is very new to them. Of course, going to a dog may seem foreign, but it is another furry friend, which brings them comfort. The point is that this dog in particular provides them with a sense of trust which is something that is been lost. Loyalty has now been established and it is now much easier to create a connection with their new family – the lucky ones who are going to adopt the new kitten.


To think that Boots was in a poor state ten years ago and practically fighting for his life during a natural disaster is really incredible. He has really come a long way overcoming this challenge and crossing many hurdles where he was able to give back to the little ones in the most special way. This special connection is completely unique.


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