Bonsai The Bulldog Puppy Has Half A Body, But Lives Life To The Fullest


Eternally, life would be full of miseries without measures, beyond the faculty of the human race in the world of today. It’s yet another eventful happening which I believe will arouse the attention of every being with human feeling.

This is a story of a 6 – month old bulldog puppy called Bonsai who lives with Elizabeth Hart in the city of Forth Worth, Texas. When he was born into the world, he only had to himself some tiny deformed hind legs and half a spine that made him so weird among other pets. So, as a very young pup, Bonsai’s back paws were amputated to relief him the miserable life. This dog known for too many severe medical conditions also suffers from a form of spinal bifida. Because of innocent Bonsai’s disabilities, even the vets can’t tell what really was wrong and as a result can’t make a proper prognosis for the poor dog to regain balance. How really pathetic!


Practically, he was delivered into planet earth with lots of disabilities including a half spine, spinal bifida, tiny deformed hind legs amid others. This pup can be found in Forth Worth, Texas living with Elizabeth Hart who affirmed that she has never seen an animal that suffers pretty hard as Bonsai. Yet, the dog who has the world as his fan is forever beautiful and cheerful about happenings around him. Even the vets have not been able to deliver this 6-month old bulldog pet from his ailment and get a proper prognosis for him to regain balance without hindrance.


However, despite every medically deformed name attached to Bonsai, he has always been at his best, indulging in acts like other dogs without difficulty, for the dry bones shall rise again. Bonsai, a tiny, cheerful, beautiful, and a superstar pup with two paws known across the globe is always full of life, doing amazing stunts and always at his best at all time.


I don’t think there is any animal as uncomfortable as Bonsai, says ‘Elizabeth Hart’.

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