The Blue Bird Approaches The Green Bird. What He Says Is Unbelievable!


Gabriel the sky blue bird and Fabio, the green bird, were chattering about gently and freely while maintaining a close distance with each other on the top of what can be described as their nest, until a human voice lured them to show this lovely emotions by saying “kisses”. Immediately after the human voice said that, Gabriel makes his way towards Fabio and places a kiss on his beaks.

The parakeet brothers perform acts which can rarely be done by two human brothers, even on a light note; a lesson for mankind I suppose- this behavior takes place successively for about nine times.
Sometimes before they kiss, there are intervals that could be described as shaking off the chills erupted by the initial brotherly kiss. Followed by a question from one to the other “what are you doing?” while making kissing sounds; such innocence!

Another scene sees the female voice ask Gabriel “Do you love your brother?” Gabriel responds by going after Fabio, catching up with him and they make kissing sounds. One can tell that these two brother birds care so much about one another and this was such a cute sight to behold. Love is not an emotion shown by humans only. Birds love too!

The parakeets definitely make good companions for each other and from the tone of the female voice sounded excited by the actions of the birds. So, we can safely assume that parakeets also make good companions for humans.

Imagine keeping parakeets in an old peoples’ home or in a nursery! They interact with the aged men and women and if asked, can place rounds of kisses on the cheeks of these lovely people and lighten up their mood. Imagine also keeping one parakeet or two in a nursery! They sing A, B, C with the kids, talk with them and even show off some of their amazing character traits. This will be an advantage with respect to teaching kids positive behavioral patterns.

Imagine parakeets being used by human as alarms. Many humans dislike the shrill sound of an alarm clock, while will not be awoken by the sound of the alarm. A parakeet will leave its nest, perch beside the owner and whisper “wake up! Wake up! It is morning”.

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