Blind Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound, Now Watch What The Doctor Does. I’m Crying!


The gift of sight is something a lot of people take for granted, after all there’s a saying “you never appreciate what you have until it’s gone. For a mother it could be very depressing not being able to see when your child is sad or happy, not being able to see his/her first walk, first smile what he/ she looks like when sad or happy and one of the most painful part is not being able your baby as it forms in your womb. Losing one’s sight can leave a serious impact on one’s life and living life as a blind mom is not something to wish on anyone.
It is a continuous daily struggle learning to live independently and productively. You want to rely on as few persons as possible. This often proves an uphill task for blind moms. They want be that shoulder their kids can lean on and not have to always lean on their kids for guidance.

They want to be able to teach their kids to read and write, help them with difficult essays and math problems. They want to be there for their families, teach their kids the virtues of good living, attend junior league, they want to see their little princesses prancing up on the stage in their little ballerina costume, all these and even more. Sadly, the ability to all these is taken away from them sometimes from birth and sometimes as a result of life’s little accidents.

It’s a given that every mom looks forward to that first ultra sound picture of their baby. They often make enough copies to slip into their purses, put up on the fridge, put in a frame to be placed by their sides or on their desk at work. Before now blind moms did not have the opportunity to experience all these, they simply got satisfaction from being able to feel their babies inside, enjoy the little kicks and simply smile whenever they experience movement but thanks to 3D printed ultrasound pictures, they get to feel and touch their baby. They get to know what their baby looks like before they are ready to pop.

Huggies has successfully brought to light the joy a blind mom feels when she is able to touch and feel the fetus of her unborn child. They realized an ad of a 20 weeks pregnant Tatiana (age30) who had been blind since age 17 being examined by her doctor. With the sense of sight gone, every other sense becomes stronger and Huggies realizes that the sense of touch for a blind mother is a special thing. The ad campaign brought millions of people all over the world to tears when the doctor asked Tatiana “how do you imagine him?”

It’s such a beautiful thing to see Tatiana not imagine him but ‘see’ him through 3D technology. She has joined the millions of other moms who have their baby’s ultrasound pictures on their nightstands.

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