Blind Dog Trapped In A Well For A Month Gets His Christmas Miracle!


This dog, who has since been renamed Christmas (how appropriate), managed to fall into one of these wells and things were certainly looking bleak. Once the crops have already come in for the season, it is much easier for a dog to lose sight of the wells and they do not received the same level of attention, making it easier for an animal to become lost inside of one.

Christmas experienced an extraordinary stroke of luck, as the children on the farm where he was trapped heard his frenzied barks while they were playing outside one day. They noticed that the dog was stranded at the bottom of the well and they quickly realized that the well was far too deep for them to successfully save the pup.

The children should be commended for their resourcefulness, as they were able to keep the dog alive for several weeks, by tossing food down to him each day. Their efforts helped Christmas to remain strong until rescuers finally arrived and provided him with the medical attention that he so desperately needed.

Be sure to take a look at this incredible video:

The best part of all? All of these events took place just before Christmas, which gave the dog a chance to truly enjoy the holiday that he was eventually named after. He needed a Christmas miracle and he received one, just in the nick of time.

This is a beautiful story, one that needs to be shared with a much wider audience.

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