Blind, Deaf Dog Is So Scared In Shelter After His Owner Dies


Poor Olin is the picture perfect portrait of terror. But his fear is definitely understandable. After all, if your owner had passed away and you were no longer able to see or hear, you would probably be pretty afraid, too.

How in the world do you comfort a creature who is blind and deaf, especially after they lose the only owner that they have ever known? While the staff at the Atlanta shelter where Olin ended up have done their best to cheer him up, there is only so much that can be done in a situation like this one.

Olin’s lack of ability to hear or see has left him with an incredible sense of smell. Even though the shelter staff has done everything in their power to make him feel at ease, his sense of smell is making him very fearful.

When he smells humans, he smells terror. And when he smells terror, he smells an upcoming euthanization. Olin is also 12 years old and there isn’t exactly a huge adoption market for dogs who 84 in human years and cannot see or hear. Unfortunately, most people prefer to adopt a younger animal who can be molded into a proper companion.

Senior dogs have shown themselves to be great acquisitions in the past, but this does not tend to sway most people who head to the shelter looking for a dog to take home. A blind and deaf dog is a lot of work and the majority of families do not have that kind of time to put in.

Olin is also positive for heart worm, which also reduces his chances of finding a forever home. While he is currently living at DeKalb County Animal Services, his days are definitely numbered.

Angels Among Us is hoping that someone can find it in their hearts to adopt this beleaguered animal. Otherwise, he will have no chance at spending his holidays resting and recuperating. The group has quickly taken to social media, with the goal of spreading Olin’s message far and wide. Any kind soul who is looking to lead the blind should start today.


Olin needs to find a home in the metropolitan area of Atlanta as soon as possible. If you are able to help him, head to Angels Among Us and fill out an adoption form. You can also contact DeKalb County Animal Services for additional information.

Olin desperately needs a foster in the metropolitan Atlanta Area. If you can help,fill in the adoption form at Angel’s Among Us Pet Rescue.

You can also reach DeKalb County Animal Services here.

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