Blind Cat Rescued From The Road Side Finds Love, Care And Warmth!


Animals are very often left to struggle and survive on their own when afflicted by certain diseases or when they become old or are injured. Only some lucky few get rescued and finds the help and care they need. Others are left to struggle for life until death overpowers them.

Hot Dog is one such lucky cat who was rescued by a Good Samaritan who found him in the side of a road. He took the cat to the vet immediately for proper treatment as he could not stand the sight of the cat suffering.


The doctors at the vet found out that one of his eyes was infected and it had to be taken out. Later on they found out that the other side too was totally blind. Sadly the cat couldn’t even see his rescuer. But when taken to his new home, he was able to adjust with his surroundings and map everything out. He doesn’t need his eyesight to move around anymore.


The happy owner found the cat to be friendly and loving cat. It is an amazing thing that despite of his disabilities he is able to stay friendly, lively and happy. The pictures of the cat look so adorable and he seem like he is having a nice time. Hot Dog is seen with a little scarf around his neck which his owners made for him to keep him warm during the winter.


I stumbled upon this photo story in a social networking site and thought it too cute not to share. I am genuinely happy for Hot Dog that he has found comfort, love and warmth at last. There should be more people like the owner and should provide more help whenever they come across a needy animal. Animals are God’s creation too and they deserve love as much as humans.


There are lots of shelter homes who adopt animals and take care of them. There are also organizations that have deep concern for animal abuse and stands against it but they are not enough. Every individual should take up the responsibility of taking care of animals around them. They should not abuse animals that are helpless and defenseless just to gratify their power. There are plenty of animals going without proper food and shelter that are abandoned and left to die. If everyone can just help one, it will add up to a lot.


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