A Biker Sees A Man Beating A Dog On The Side Of The Road. What Follows Is Incredible.


Brandon Turnbow is a musician, as well as a biker, and during his travels one day, he saw something that he simply could not believe. As he was cruising on his bike down Highway 171, he caught a glimpse of a heartless man on the side of the road, beating up on a poor, innocent dog.


From this moment on, the dog’s life would never be the same. In Brandon’s own words, he went to intervene and to give the guy “a number one sign”. He took to Facebook to tell the story about his experience and introduced everyone to his brand new co pilot, who he dubbed “Mr. Davidson”.

As you might have imagined, the man who was beating up the dog came to his senses when a biker pulled up. He immediately threw the dog down and ran, like the coward that he is. Brandon checked on the dog and set about the task of securing him on the chopper. The new friends spent a day enjoying the open road, before heading back to Brandon’s home.


Once Brandon and Mr. Davidson arrived at the house, Brandon made a decision that would change the dog’s life for good: he decided to adopt him. Thanks to the selflessness of Brandon, Mr. Davidson finally has a peaceful place to sleep, his belly is full and he never, ever has to worry about getting beaten up again.

Mr. Davidson’s story touched the hearts of many and inspired Brandon to raise awareness about the plight of animals like him. He started a group that is now known as Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. He knows that there are a lot of bikers out there who care deeply about the welfare of animals and he created a song and video to promote this helpful organization.


If you’d like to check out the song and video that Brandon created to showcase his love for Mr. Davidson, be sure to check it out below!

Brandon definitely deserves some kudos for rescuing this dog from a terrible fate and offering him the chance for a better life. Mr. Davidson can now enjoy his new life as a trusted co pilot and thanks to the organization Brandon created, more dogs like him will be rescued from adverse situations.

Be sure to pass this incredible story along to your friends and family members, so that further awareness can be raised!


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