Best PSA Against Texting And Driving You Will Ever See


We have all done it and if we drive much we can see that the majority of people on the roads are still using their phones to text, read e-mail, or view some “must see” photo the instant their friends send it to them.

This video created as a public service announcement by AT&T brings the message home about not texting and driving in one of the most touching and visually compelling stories that you will ever be horrified to watch.

The idea is that “It can wait.” The “it” being a text, email, photo, or anything you want to see on your phone while you are driving.

A young mother and her daughter who is seven years old at most are getting ready to go shopping. At the same time the woman’s husband is heading for home after taking the rest of the day off from work. The man had stopped to fill up with gas and get coffee.

One of the most touching and heart rending moments in the video is when the little girl says goodbye to her stuffed animal friends telling them that she will see them later. She never does.

The man is talking to people he works with while he is driving and his phone is attached to a dash board phone caddie. The lady briefly glances at a photo of her daughter that she just shared on social media when she runs a stop sign and hits her husband’s truck head on.

A young boy riding a bicycle near the scene of the accident and a lady watering her flowers gape in horror as the car and truck crash into each other and the car rolls over and over. Naturally, we are led to believe that nobody survives the crash.

You just have to weep at the useless loss of life all for a photo that could wait.

Everyone needs to see this video. Share it with all your kids, your friends, your family, and your coworkers. You know you text and drive and they know that they text and drive too. This video brings the stark reality of death by stupidity into true focus in an extremely compelling and touching manner.

Granted, the accident really did not happen and a whole family was not wiped off the planet just because a woman wanted to see a picture on her phone. The reality is that several people die every day just from doing the same thing. These people that die are real. No law can really stop texting and driving but people can.

If you love your family then you have to let them know that you do not want them to die just for as little as a single word in a text they can read later while they are alive.

This is absolutely one of the best videos ever made that graphically and touchingly shows the dangers of texting and driving. Make sure everyone you love sees this so they stay with you for as long as possible.




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