Unbelievable Cat Who Weighs A Shocking 32 LBS And Requires TWO People To Lift… OMG.


It’s not unusual to see a fat cat curled up in the sun, purring and blissfully ignorant of the world. On stressful days we might even envy them. But the story of Sprinkles is not such a blissful tale: weighing in at 32 pounds, this cat’s extreme weight is a debilitating health risk.

Sprinkles’ caretakers think that she was mistreated by her previous owners, who are unknown. When she first entered the animal shelter, she stuck up her nose at cat food and craved attention much more than normal, making her caretakers think she was neglected and provided with human food in the past—a combination that is severely unhealthy both physically and emotionally.
This poor cat was in terrible condition when found. She had flees, ear mites, and urine burns because she was so large that she couldn’t reach her backside to clean it. A domestic shorthaired cat, she has a small to medium frame which the vet said is not meant to weigh more than eleven to fourteen pounds. This means that Sprinkles weighs almost three times more than she is supposed to.

This poor feline, while now recovering, still has a long way to go. She has issues walking and cannot roll over by herself. Because she doesn’t fit into a cat crate, she must be carried around in a dog crate to get up the stairs. The elderly women taking care of her can’t even pick up the crate and are forced to enlist the help of other workers in the shelter to transport Sprinkles.

The shelter has Sprinkles’ recovery down to a science—they are slowly switching her back to a healthy cat food, and they plan on implementing a gradual weight loss program that will take anywhere from a year to a year and a half to complete. Because she has so much to lose, her vet anticipates needing to give her a tummy tuck to keep her skin from trailing the floor when she returns to her normal size.

After some time at the shelter, things are looking up for Sprinkles—she is extremely social and friendly with her caregivers, and at just four years old she has plenty of time for a bright future with owners who will love her and will take good care of her.
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This extremely sad story of animal abuse and neglect is unfortunately one of many. Please share this story to help raise awareness for the animals who have suffered and to help keep more animals from similar fates in the future.

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