He’d Been Homeless His Entire Life. When They Start To Shave Him? OMG


Dogs are domestic animals, but this is not in their instincts, they are taught and domesticated when they reside with humans. Dogs are naturally amazing creatures who are always happy and lively when they are shown love and care. Some dogs never experience any care from humans and are left to fend for themselves. When this happens, they find it difficult to mix with humans or allow any human contact. This is what happened to the dog who is the topic of this article.

Hope for Paws was contacted and given a report of a dog who lived on the streets and had not had any contact with humans and was afraid of them. They were well aware that it may be difficult to get him captured and trained to live with humans, but it was a risk they wanted to take if the dog was to survive.
The drove along to the location where the dog resides, and it was under a Chevy truck and seems scared to of everything around him. When he saw the humans, he ran for his dear life and was surprisingly fast for a dog with short legs. Unfortunately, he was trapped in a corner, and the gate was sealed behind him. It was time for the rescue team to take the bold step and capture him with the stick and rope. They succeeded in trapping him with the stick and the struggle began. The little dog was not going to give up without a stiff fight. He tossed and turned and jumped and protested loudly and who could blame him, he wasn’t comfortable around these people. He struggled and even tried to chew on the rope as they beckoned to him to calm down.

The dog, however, seemed to be responsive to speech as they pleaded with him to take it easy for a few seconds and eventually, he became exhausted, and he stopped jumping. For rescuers who had so much experience with animals, it difficult to soothe him as he wasn’t used to humans. One of the heroic rescuers got a bit closer to him and started to pet him to see if it will make him realize that they didn’t want to hurt him. The rescuers were amazed at his shaggy fur and the fact that the coat even covered his eyes.
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He was named Benji, and they made sure he was calm before taking him into their car and taking him back to the shelter. On getting back, the first step was to give Benji a shave so that he could be free of all the tangled fur. After shaving his fur, Benji looked entirely different, and he took a shower. He looked so calm and they knew that it would take a long time for him to get accustomed to humans. Benji had help from two other dogs named Lola and Frankie to come out of his shell, and he eventually became a healthy and adorable puppy.

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