Beautiful Moment Between Daddy And His Kitten Caught On Camera!


When you witness the beautiful relationship between pets and their owners who take adequate care of them, you’ll be moved to buy one of such pets. That is the case you observe the lovely display between Miette, the kitten and her owner. The beautiful scene which was caught on camera and is truly fantastic. The video will make any animal lover happy.

Miette is only two weeks old, but she has captured the heart of her owner. She has a soft and innocent appearance which endears her to anyone who sees the video. Miette has white hairs with a pink nose that is mixed well with her small body to produce a cute baby cat. The cats’ owner leaned over Miette while she lies down on her back comfortably. He rested her head on his curved arms to bring Miette’s head up. The position assumed by both is similar to that of a husband and wife carrying out foreplay.
The man kisses the cute kitten tenderly at intervals. Miette in return puts her paws up in the air with self-satisfaction. One could tell she was enjoying the affection that was been splattered on her by the man. With her soft and harmless forelimbs, she repeatedly tries to grab the nose of her owner while opening and closing her mouth in excitement. When she couldn’t grab his big nose with her tiny limbs, she resorted to feeling the nose with her forelimbs.

When he tickles her, she twists and turns slowly while moving her legs back and forth. Her tail was buried between her limbs and remained there most of the time. She couldn’t make a sound; maybe because she was in awe. She knew he loved her so much and she wanted to make him know she did too. This scene is so adorable to watch.

The man pampered and touched the kitten like she is his human baby. If human beings who maltreat their pets as a result of lack of time, resource or sheer cruelty see this video, they would have a rethink. Look at what one minute spent by the kitten owner to attend to Miette meant to her. She definitely wouldn’t think of running away at any time.
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Cats like every other animal are wonderful creatures to have around; maltreating them is what makes some of them react viciously when they do. Treat an animal well today and make their life worth living.

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