This Barking Pit Bull Woke Up His Owners. What They Saw Outside? Unbelievable.


Late one night, all was calm and quiet in the house of Shawn and Hope Starry. They were sound asleep while something sinister was happening in the alley behind their yard. Shawn and Hope were clueless to the situation until suddenly, something woke them and caught their attention. It was their pit bull Chance who brought their awareness to the awful happenings outside their house.

It was late in the night when Chance the pit bull started to bark. His barking was loud and frantic, and it woke up his owners Shawn and Hope Starry. Chance’s owners checked outside their door to see if anyone was there. When there wasn’t someone standing on their doorstep, they checked outside their window.

“I came downstairs and didn’t see anyone behind the door, and so I checked out of the kitchen window,” explains Shawn Starry. In the alleyway behind their house, they saw vague shapes moving. Then suddenly the image before them became clear. To their shock, Shawn and Hope saw a couple guys forcing two dogs to fight to the death. Shawn quickly called the Freeport police, but the dogs refused to stop fighting even in the presence of the two cops. The police tried to stop to fight but the dogs still kept on attacking each other. The suspect, Kahill Brown, fled on foot.

Brown is thought to have been in charge of the dog fight, and although he escaped originally, he was soon arrested and is now in custody.

Even though it was the Shawn and Hope Starry who called 911, they consider Chance the pit bull the real hero.

“If anyone deserves a metal, it’s Chance, because he was the one who gave these two other dogs another chance at living,” says Shawn Starry. Without Chance’s barking, his owners would never have been alerted to the scene happening outside their window.

Although the two dogs were in a fight to the death, they have been taken to Freeport Animal Hospital and are injured lightly enough to be expected to be okay.
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Chance the pit bull gave these two other dogs another chance at life. Without Chance, one, if not both of them, would have died that night because of the cruel Kahill Brown. Luckily for the two dogs, Chance the pit bull let out cries for help and was there to save the day.

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