Baby Was Born 3 Months Early. Wait Until You See How He Looks 1 Year Later – I’m Awestruck!


Ask any parent about the things that they want most out of life and you are bound to get any number of answers. But the most common response that you will get is that they want their child to born healthy, so that they can have a happy life.


Parents who have dealt with premature births know firsthand just how sad they can be. Seeing your flesh and blood suffer, not knowing if they will survive is a tough pill for any person to swallow, especially a parent who has been through a long, arduous pregnancy process.

Any great parent would much rather go through the pain themselves, as opposed to watching their small child be made to feel the suffering. Premature births lead to uncertain futures for small children, as some of them are able to triumph over the adversity and others succumb to the gravity of their condition.

The family that you are about to meet had to confront the harsh reality of a premature childbirth recently and their response to the situation will fill your heart with joy. When this mother went into labor, it happened three and a half months ahead of schedule and the prognosis in these types of situations is usually quite dire.


But fate had a different plan in store for young Ward Miles. Even though he weighed all of 1 1/2 pounds at the time of his birth, he is living proof that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but rather, the size of the fight in the dog.

Ward had to remain in the hospital for over three months after his premature birth, but his family stayed by his side for the entirety of the 107 day stint. The best part of all? They were able to bring little Ward back home with them, as he underwent an amazing transformation.

Check out this video to find out more about Ward’s healing process and the sacrifices that were made by his family.

If you’re anything like us, then this video will hit you square in the gut. All it took was one year for this little boy’s prognosis to change forever and we are beyond happy for Ward’s family. Stories like these do not always end happily and all of the parents out there should take a moment to share the video with their fellow mothers and fathers.

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