Baby Pygmy Goat Doing The Happy Dance Will Make Anyone’s Day Better!


There is nothing cuter than a newly born Pygmy goat. These miniatures originally came from South Africa but they have been shared all over the globe and are very popular pets.

The Pygmy goat is a very active animal. They will climb on, jump on and walk on anything. Their habitat should always include large rocks or structures they can climb on. However, take care that these structures do not offer a means to jump their fence or they will escape. A Pygmy goat is very curious and very smart. They love to explore and will get out of many pens when you don’t see how it is possible.
They require shelter but also open area in which to run, jump and play. They also require fresh water. A Pygmy will refuse to drink water that is not fresh. They eat greens and grains and are not as particular with eating habits which can be a bad thing. A Pygmy goat will chew on and eat just about anything so their owners must take precautions as to what they are exposed to.

Pygmy goats are social animals and do not do well alone. They need a friend. The friend does not have to be another Pygmy goat. However, the animals they share their pen with do better if they are brought up together. They tend to be preyed upon so do not attempt to place your Pygmy goat with a pig or other farm animal that is not accustom to the goats. They will attack the goats if they are not used to them.

Pygmy goats do not require a lot of care. As long as they have other animals to be associated with, a warm bed in which to sleep and plenty of food and water; they are good. Pygmy goats require warmth. In the winter their bedding should be warm and dry and draft free.

Your reward for providing these basic needs is a pet that is loving, adorable and can dance!

Pygmy goats are trainable but they are strong willed and not trained easily. They are affectionate so if their trainer is kind to them and shows them affection, they will train easier and will make a good pet.

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