A Baby Horse Is Stuck On The Bridge, And Mom Is Helpless. Watch What The Cameraman Does…


This is a simple story. It’s not a story that includes phones. You might not even be able to get service around these parts. It doesn’t involve computers of any kind. It doesn’t have fast cars either, and it even takes place right here on this planet. It may include a damsel in distress however. Dare I say more? Can you handle more?

No. What we have here is a modern classic. Our story is about a bridge, somewhat rickety by any ones description, although apparently crossable. Our story is about a mother and her offspring, and a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten. Our story is about a man, a curious man, stout in heart and back. A man willing to risk his life to save another.
And get it all on tape.

But we digress. Put the elements we know so far together, and what do you get? A harrowing adventure guaranteed to strike fear into all who experience it? Hardly. A heartwarming tale of potential loss and a glimpse of the heights reached by human kind?


But what we truly have is a tale that is as well known as the ages. Adversity is just a simple word that describes another way to pass the time. Only it can be dangerous, and you may end up on the internet. But at least you will be seen by everyone in the world for doing something heroic, rather than something like you passing out and having all your friends paint your face with a magic marker.

But I digress again. This story will not tell itself.

Read on if you must, but better yet, watch the video.

Man Rescues Young Horse from Bridge by media-viral

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