A Baby Goat Thinks A White German Shepherd Is His Mama (Oh. MY. God!)


This sweet dog has adopted a baby goat and the two have become very fast friends. Shadow’s maternal instincts have kicked in and the baby goat has come to believe that Shadow is its mother. Just watch these two laying together on the floor.

Shadow is clearly protective of the baby goat and takes great pride in watching over her newfound child. It is unclear how the goat could have come to the decision that Shadow is its mother. Perhaps because they are both white?

Seeing animals of completely different species and backgrounds come together like this should serve as an inspiration to us all. Shadow and the baby goat are not deterred by their differences, they are actually emboldened. While the mother in the clip does not seem to know why the two have decided to become a family, the world is definitely a better place with them together.

Just try to watch Shadow cleaning the baby goat without having your heart melt into a puddle. Some viewers may need to keep the tissues handy, since this video is one of the most heartwarming, adorable ways to spend 47 seconds. Some may even need to watch it a second or third one to truly appreciate what is taking place.

Shadow is certainly not going to let any harm come to her baby. German shepherds are some of the most reliably protective dogs known to man and they will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of those that they love most.

In Shadow’s case, the one she loves most just so happens to be a tiny little goat. Their friendship is the cutest thing and this clip needs to be seen by a wider audience.

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