This Baby Deer Was Screaming For Help As Mom Ran Around In A Panic. Watch What Happened Next!


Animals get hurt every day, though often, it happens in the woods where we cannot see. When it happens in our backyard, it’s a completely different story. Most people have no idea how to help an animal that is stuck or hurt – and that’s when it is important to call the right people.

That’s exactly what happened to one family. They saw a deer walking around frantically – and it was after close investigation that they realized her fawn was trapped under rocks. The deer had no idea what to do because she could move the rocks on her own – and it looked as though the fun might meet her destiny.
However, the family did the right thing – they called wildlife animal rescue. They were able to get out to the property and see what was going on. Since this was happening in someone’s backyard, it gathered quite the crowd – including a little girl who seemed to want to narrate everything.

It didn’t take long before firefighters were called to help. They were able to drill some of the rocks in order to be able to free the fawn. All the while, the mother deer was racing around frantically, as if wondering if her little baby was going to make it.

Once the rocks were broken apart enough, the fawn was able to get out safely. They went springing into the woods, happy to be reunited. They didn’t stick around for photos, or anything like that. They were quite happy to be putting the problem behind them. It will probably be a while before either of them venture into this backyard again.

The entire ordeal was caught on video – and last about four minutes. It has gotten a significant amount of YouTube views, simply because everyone wants to see what happened. The moment the fawn is free, it is like everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

It is amazing when something like this happens in the backyard. Although deer usually run off when they see humans, the mother was obviously very concerned about her baby, and was willing to be around everyone because she knew they were helping.
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