Baby Comes Back To Life With The Touch Of His Mother


Kate and David Ogg were just another couple that was trying to have kids. It’s a natural thing for couples to actually want to have babies because, well, it is part of the natural process our species is hardwired to do. We need to keep on reproducing in order to keep the species alive and in order to be able to develop over time. After three years of trying to have babies, David and Kate managed to get pregnant, and with twins! So they got twice what they were looking for, in a certain way. The pregnancy was going smoothly until Kate actually got some very unfortunate news.

At 26 weeks into the marriage, Kate was going into labor. The twins were clearly ready to be born already, but Kate wasn’t ready for the event in any way. Since the twins were premature, determining their genders was a tough job for the doctors, and when it was finally done Kate and David were incredibly happy because they were going to have a boy and a girl. But even though such news came out and the parents were happy, the feeling inside the room was quite strange, something was wrong and they could both feel it.

After a while the doctor asked Kate if she had a name for the boy already and she did, it was Jamie. The doctor revealed Jamie didn’t survive the labor – he was dead. Kate, a loving mother didn’t take this type of news lightly and decided to grab the baby and hold him in her arms just as her husband collapsed with the news right by her side.
She grabbed the baby and held him against her, with his ear next to his heat and as her husband came back to himself, he ordered him to takes his clothes off and lay down next to her, which he promptly did. Near the corpse of the baby, the parents started crying and crying while talking to the baby himself. They were telling him about his sister, how happy they would all be together and all about the plans they had for him.
As they talk to the baby, he starts to move. The parents have no idea what to think and quickly talk to the doctors about it. The doctors realize what was happening and gave them the bad news once again: he is dying. Kate never gave up and kept on holding Jamie.
The truth is, Jamie survived and is now a healthy boy. Most people think they recognize death when they see it, but the true heroes among us do see a little bit further – the true heroes among us are able to recognize life whenever they see it, just like Kate.

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