At 16, A Monster Got Her Pregnant. 77 Years Later, She Meets The Baby She Gave Up.


Back in 1928, Minka Disbrow was just a 16 year old who went out for a picnic. There is no way she could have expected what came next, as she physically and sexually assaulted. All it took was one afternoon to change the life of the innocent farmer’s daughter forever. The petrified, pregnant teen became pregnant with a daughter of her own, who she named Betty Jane and put up for adoption after a pregnancy that was shrouded in secrecy.
Minka spent the next years of her life writing constantly, doing everything in her power to receive updates about the whereabouts of her daughter, only to come up empty each time. While she did not think that she would ever get the chance to see her precious Betty Jane again, it did not stop her from praying for her child and thinking about her on a daily basis.

After nearly eighty years of waiting, hoping, praying and wishing, she finally said the prayer that made a difference. She asked the Lord if it was possible for her to see Betty Jane before she died and promised God that she would not try to disrupt the child’s life in any way, shape or form. All she wanted was to lay eyes on her child once time before she passed away.

What Minka did not know is that a judge was in the process of making her dream a reality. He unsealed the adoption records from her case, so that Betty Jane could find her birth mother’s information. Minka’s prayer was about to be answered in a big way. She would soon get the phone call that she had always been waiting for.

You may have seen online reunion videos before, but nothing quite like this. I myself have watched several, but none of them hit me as hard as this one. Minka’s granddaughter Cathy was so moved by the reunion, she was inspired to write a book about the process leading up to it. Entitled The Waiting, the book tells the story of the decades this mother and daughter spent apart and documents three generations of family history.

It was not until Cathy had birthed her first child that she ended up learning about the secret that her mother had been keeping from the family for several decades. The book has been very well reviewed, receiving a number of five star recommendations and can be purchased at a variety of outlets.

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