As this 5-Year-Old Says Grace With A Homeless Man at a Waffle House, Every Person Is…


The little boy in this video has already learned more about life in his short five years than most of us will in thirty. The young man in this clip is dining with family at an Alabama Waffle House, when he takes it upon himself to not only provide food for a homeless man, but also say grace alongside of him, the entire restaurant was moved to tears.

As the boy walked into this Prattville, Alabama Waffle House with his mother, Josiah could not help but notice the homeless man who was sitting outside. He wasted no time springing into action. When his mother, Ava, retold the story, she spoke about seeing a man outside of the restaurant who had clearly gone a long time in between baths.

While most small children would cower in fear in such a situation, Josiah Duncan is not most small children. Instead of being fearful, he decided to seek understanding, asking his mother why a man would choose to look like that. Josiah also could not figure out how someone could end up all alone in the world.

When Ava explained to her son that the man was homeless, Josiah wanted to know what that meant. Ava told her son that the man was not as fortunate as them and did not have a home of his own to go to. From there, the questions continued, as they have been known to when small children develop an interest in a topic.

Josiah wanted to know where the man would store his groceries and where his home and family had disappeared to. It was at this point that he decided to take decisive action. He began to beg his mother to purchase a meal for the impoverished man. Deep down, Ava knew that her son was right about this, so she invited the homeless man inside to purchase him a long awaited meal.

Once the man made his way inside, none of the wait staff paid him much attention. Josiah then procured a menu for the man, so that he could place an order. After he asked for one of the most inexpensive items on the menu, Ava encouraged him to get anything he wanted. He opted for a bacon cheeseburger, loaded with as much bacon as he could handle.

The bacon cheeseburger arrived and what Josiah did next caused the patrons of this Waffle House to collectively lose it: he asked to say the blessing with him. Ava has spoken at length about the pride she felt upon watching her son treat a stranger with such compassion and thoughtfulness. She believes that she has already witnessed one of her son’s most important life achievements.

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