As Soon As He Yanked This Onto The Boat, He Yelled “OH MY GOD”


When this fisherman dropped his net into the briny depths to make his catch, there is no possible way that he could have expected what happened next. He pulled his net back up, only to discover one of the most horrifying creatures he (and we) have ever had the misfortune of laying our eyes upon. This hideous beast (and its rows of teeth) is known as a goblin shark and is considered to be one of the rarest breeds of shark known to man. Humans do not typically come into contact with these creatures, due to the fact that they live over 1,000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, a piece of information that will help you breathe easier on your next ocean related expedition.

This shark is what’s known as a “living dinosaur”. It loathes direct sunlight and prefers to stay deep below the surface, where it can find solace in the darkness. It does not typically come into contact with humans for this reason. Lochlainn Kelly and his father, Mike, could have never expected to see this monstrosity when they pulled up their net.

This particular father/son fishing adventure took place roughly 600 meters below surface level, just off the coast of Victoria, in the country of Australia. Life has a funny way of throwing you curves when you least expect the and there is no handbook to prepare a person for the horror of inadvertently removing a toothy beast from its primary habitat.

The goblin shark is also known as a vampire shark, due to its aversion to sunlight and its willingness to feed so close to the floor of the ocean. Shark scientists believe that the goblin shark in this clip is roughly two or three years old and this determination was made based on the length of the creature.

Once the father and son had made their accidental catch, they quickly brought the fish ashore, to Merimbula, which is located off the far South Coast of New South Wales. This shark was equipped with grey fins, teeth that are as sharp as they are short, and a pink, bloated belly.

Lochlainn says that he was not the least bit frightened upon seeing this shark, as he had already viewed photos of this particular species. He proclaimed that he was actually excited to have a chance to look at one up close and personal. The goblin shark is part of a rich history and the family it hails from has existed for over 100 million years. The specimen was placed on display at a local museum, for all to see.

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