Are You An Insomniac? These 6 Basic Yoga Poses Will Instantly Put You To Sleep


Yoga That Will Help You Sleep

Yoga involves mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines that can transform any part of your life.

These yoga exercises are especially helpful for people that have trouble sleeping. You do not need drugs, herbs, or medicine to get your body and mind into the right condition to enjoy a long and restful sleep. Yoga can really help you improve your sleep.

1-Seated at a Wide Angle Position – Upavistha Konasana

Sit of the floor. Extend your legs so that they are as close to a ninety degree angle with your body as possible. Begin with your hands behind you thighs.

Raise your arms to a vertical position that is not touching your chest or head. Lean forward and place both of your hands on the floor or mat. Rest your hands in this position for about one second and then slowly grab your big toes.

Hold this position for five to ten seconds and return your arms to the vertical position. Repeat the movements.

Image credit: Sara Grossi

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